Don’t get too familiar.

Don’t get too familiar

Don’t get too familiar with people. I believe many of us are guilty of getting too familiar. We get so familiar with leaders, bosses, and people in authority and we feel as though just because they are being friendly with us, we think it’s okay to act a certain way. But no, that is not okay. And you know the people in authority might not even say anything.  They will let you keep acting the way you are, but at the end of the day they will simply distance themselves away.

A great example is First Ladies in the church. You know now social media has given us this sense that just because they are cool online and call people sis that means we go up to them talking about, hey sis. Girl bye. You better recognize the power and authority they hold. I truly believe when you start getting too familiar you start losing out on blessings.

If you approach a man of God or woman of God accordingly, they have grace that regular people don’t. They have favor from God that other’s don’t. So of course when you approach them accordingly and they pray for you, God has to move. They know how to approach God. They know how to plead a case before God.

We can also relate to our daily lives. In our work places, in our schools, in our relationships. When you get too familiar people tend to back away. Show people respect. Even your friends. Remember they need respect. Don’t become so familiar you miss out on blessings just because you couldn’t get your act right.

Have a blessed day.

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