Friend or Foe?

It’s so easy to meet someone and spark up a friendship, but how many of those relationships really last? Let’s go back in time, for some of you, wayyyyyyyy back in time when you were in high school. Remember freshmen year and all the friends you had? What about when you graduated, how many of those friendships lasted? My bet is a handful at best.

Now we are all grown up, and it is hard to just spark up a friendship. And those friendships we have are hard to keep up for so many reasons. At this point in our lives we are building our own families, we are busy with school and jobs, and etc etc. So when we build friendships we want them to last, but are we really forming a friendship on solid rock or sand?

It’s funny how the pastor this Sunday preached on Christ Centered Friendship. So of course you know, i decided to share what i learned. I’ll simply just talk about the kind of people you should avoid as friends, and the type of people who make great friends.

Number 1: Avoid people who are liars. Nothing good comes from someone who is constantly lying to people. Even a white lie adds up to something big. Proverbs 16:28 basically tells us that liars will create trouble and separate friends.  Nobody has time to be dealing with drama on top of what we deal with in our daily lives.

Number 2: Avoid people that are always angry. I absolutely get that we go through some days where people just work on our nerves, but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to always be angry. Anger has a vibe, and anyone can conform to it.

Number 3: By all means necessary, stay away, avoid, run do whatever it takes to keep away from people who to entice you to do wrong!! We have all been around people who want us to do something we know is wrong. JUST SAY NO!

Okay, enough of the negatives. What about great friends? How can we have long lasting friendships and what does a good friend look like? This is pretty much a simple answer. Look at our dear best friend Jesus. Three characteristics to look for in friendship.

Number 1: The foundation is built on faithfulness. Yup, stay faithful. Simple as ABC right?

Number 2:A great friend will be there in times of good and bad. We all know someone who hits us up when they can gain something but are never there when we need them most. Say bye-bye to that friend. You do not need that kind of friend around you.

Number 3: Lastly, a great friend FORGIVES!! Sounds easy but we have all been there. Holding a grudge against someone, well guess what? That is a no-no. Imagine if God din’t forgive us for our daily sins.

So my prayer is that we seek to be that good friend. We will ask God to mold us into someone with great characteristics such as those of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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