God, do you hear me?

God do you hear me? I keep calling out but nothing is happening. I am asking for help, but help is nowhere to be found. Those around me have let me down. I am on my knees crying out to you. What have I done wrong? 

I have prayed and nothing. I have fasted and nothing. So what is it I have to do so I will know you hear me?

Those are just questions and thoughts when I went through a silent season. It seemed as though God was nowhere to be found. I even started questioning if He was real.  If He even cared. To me, if He wasn’t going to answer then He didn’t care. I figured everything was a rejection. I thought wow, God has really forgotten me.

But boy was I wrong. God is a mighty God. So even when I was in doubt He was simply just trying to build me up for greater. When I felt like He wasn’t hearing, He was speaking but it was I who kept talking and shouting and so I couldn’t hear Him.

When I finally stopped trying to control my surroundings and surrendered, then and only then did it make sense. God wanted me to be still and know He was God. You see, many times we like to help God. We forget He is the creator of the universe, the beginning and the end, therefore, He already knows from where we begin and where we end. He doesn’t need our help. All we have to do is surrender it to Him.

You see, during a silent season we first have to realize we are in it. When we know we are in it we can embrace and leave it to God. God knows when we are ready for battle and when we need to just dwell in His presence. Look at Elijah. The way God used him, and yet he also went through a silent season. God literally placed him in a silent season where he was only around a woman and her child for 3.5 years. 

Imagine if God put us in a silent season for even that long. Many of us wouldn’t make it. We would easily succumb to our worldly nature. Lord have mercy. 

May God grant us the strength to endure the silent season. May He grant us strength to continue doing the good work even if we feel like He is nowhere to be found. May we stand firm in Him always. Amen 🙏🏾 


  1. Cessina

    Amen ! Embracing my Silent season. Thank you for the reminder. God bless you big sis for this word. May He continue to reveal more on to you, so that you can share it with us. This was an on time word.

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