Half Empty

Is your cup half empty or half full? Many times we tend to say I wish I had this or that, meanwhile we are forgetting to be thankful for what we already have. It is a slippery slope to always want to have something and forgetting to be content in what we already have. And what if you get all those things you wish you had? What then? It is highly likely that you won’t be happy with it. All those things are all materialistic items. Instead what we should be seeking for should be something of higher value. We should be seeking for the Holy Ghost to fill us. Can you imagine if we decided to let go of our worldly items and instead be filled with the spirit? For sure we would realize that all we ever needed was in God.

It’s another week, so let us be mindful of all that we wish we had and realize that not everyone else has it. Matter of fact, someone would be so much happier if they only had a portion of our things. Stay blessed 🙂

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