Heavy Heart

These last couple of weeks we have seen some ugliness of this world. From the protests in Charlottesville (that lead to death and multiple injuries) to the natural disastor occurring from Hurricane Harvey. I still don’t know how to fully express my feelings for all that has happened, but let’s start with Charlottesville.

I am beyond disgusted with the mere fact that someone can show so much hate towards another human just because of the color of their skin. I am disgusted by the fact that i am raising children in this world and  as a parent have to teach them that someone thinks they are better than them because of their skin. What troubles me is that, we are all born with love. Hate is something we learn to do. Hate is an act we choose.

With that being said, as much as i wanted to spiral down the path of hatred, i am reminded to not let evil conquer me, but to conquer evil by doing good (Romans 12:21). It is by no means easy to be good when someone is provoking you, but what good will it do if i also add on hate to hate? So, when hate is this loud, Love has to be louder.

And we have seen so much love with the helping hands of people in Texas. Hurricane Harvey has destroyed so much. What it has not destroyed is the love people have for each other. People are lending out a hand to strangers. People are showing love despite they themselves losing everything.

My Prayer is that we will all choose love. We will choose to look beyond someone’s skin color, and focus on what they have on the inside. I pray that the God of healing will heal our hearts from negativity, selfishness, pride, and hate. Let our God fill us with love instead. Amen.

P.S: Charity is one of the greatest gifts to have, with that being said, whatever you can do, do it. Send money to the charities collecting money for those suffering from the hurricane. Send whatever goods you can. Reach out to a stranger today with an act of kindness. Be blessed in all that you do.