His Grace is Sufficient

Do you know how hard it is to be perfect? So very hard. No one is perfect on this earth, and the only person who was ever perfect was/is Jesus. That’s it. I remember when I first started dating my husband, i was still a virgin and i had this goal set that i would lose my virginity on my wedding night. Yup, i was in my first year of college and still a virgin. But by looking at me, you would’ve thought otherwise.

Anyways, one night, i was with my husband, then boyfriend in my room. No one was home. It was just us. Next thing you know, things got steamy. And no it was not his fault. It was all me y’all. One thing led to the next, and boom, virginity was gone. Was it bad? nope. That’s the thing though right? Sex is not a bad thing, it’s actually very good, like really really really good. And you know what, it’s even better when in the right setting. YES, when you’re married.

What i truly want to tackle is the after fact. So many times when we do something wrong (again, sex is not wrong. Sex while not married is.) but we tend to beat ourselves up so much. We beat ourselves so much we end up thinking we are not worthy. But, His grace is sufficient. 2 Corinthians 12:9. God says His power works great in weakness. Do you know why?

See, when we are weak, we tend to fall on our knees and pray. Shoot, we will fast and cry out to the Almighty God without a problem. When we have it together, ehhh, just a minute here and a minute there. Hmmmm, His grace is sufficient. His grace is sufficient. His grace is sufficient. We are just mere humans, but my God! The way He loves us, it’s even too much to comprehend.

So yes, we may fall at times, but we must remember, His grace is sufficient. Now that does not mean, go out clubbing and sexing because that’s not what that means at all. It simply means that yes we may fall, but He is quick to forgive. He loves us so much, so really, we should honor Him and behave.

I pray the Holy Spirit touched you.

Stay blessed.

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