Say No To Laziness

A week has gone by in this new year but are you still constant with your new year goals/resolutions? Have you already skipped a day or so? I know most people tend to choose the whole fitness thing and try to lose weight. That is great and all, but let’s be realistic, losing weight starts in the kitchen. See, you have to know your habits. For example:

  1. How many days a week do you eat out?
  2. When you cook, are you cooking frozen meals from boxes or from scratch ?

See, all this matters. You have to know what is setting you back to be able to move forward. If you eat out almost everyday, maybe it’s time to cut down to just once a week. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. If you cook at home, try buying groceries and making food from scratch. I get it that sometimes cooking takes too long, but that’s why there’s a thing called meal-prepping. Just Do It.

It’s just not in fitness either. We make goals all around and then we become LAZY. Yup, i said it. We are lazy. We can come up with as many excuses as we want, but it truly boils down to being lazy. We have to pray to God and ask him to remove that spirit. It seems so minor but that spirit will stop you from achieving so much. Even the bible tells us that the spirit of laziness can lead to poverty (Proverbs 10:4).

Personally I started a goal, and I realized something was stopping me. At first I realized I was afraid that the thing would not become possible. And then I kept pushing it back. Suddenly I became lazy. I stopped working on it and that was wrong for me. I realize it needs to be completed so it can glorify God. I also know it will reach many and touch lives. My laziness has been causing people to miss out.

The main point is that we realize what our habits are. Once we realize what’s stopping us and what’s causing us to not accomplish our goals, then we can work on fixing it. We should also remember to seek for help. Just because we know something does not mean we have all the information.

My prayer is that we will continuously seek God. That no matter what is going in our lives, that Holy Spirit will be our guide. I also pray against the spirit of laziness in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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