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It’s amazing how many people will tell you that they support you, but when the time comes for them to support you, they are nowhere to be found. Or when you host a networking event, people who claimed they would be there never show up.

So over the weekend one of my beautiful sisters held an event on making your own hair products. It was pretty cool. I was happy and proud of her. You know why? As scary as it may seem to host such an event, it truly serves a lot of purposes.

I picked up on four main purposes.
1. Networking. You get to meet different people who are into different things. Down the line you might actually work with them. See, she met someone down in Cali at a networking even who makes hair protection wraps and a girl who makes head scarves. So guess what happened at her event. She actually raffled off a few headscarves and gave out cards so that anyone else interested can purchase them.

2. Friendship. Okay so I’m like a social butterfly these days and I get to talking and next thing you know, I’ve met another friend. If you are shy like I used to be then I can tell you that at such events, you can create friends.

3. New Ideas. Yes, you can come up with new ideas. Or you can simply learn that the idea you’ve been sitting on isn’t really crazy after all. Someone might hear your idea and help you push it along to the next level.

4. Finally my favorite one, you are not alone. You see, this particular event was on hair, but it can be on anything. I learned that on this hair journey I am not alone. Some have been growing their hair for years and some have just done the big chop. So by all of us coming together, we were able to talk on do’s and don’t’s. We talked about what worked and what didn’t work for some.

Most of all, what I want all of us to get from this post is that we all need to support each other. Let our yes be yes and our no be no. We can’t claim to support each other but when the time comes, we fail to do so.

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