Yes to Your will. Yes to Your ways. Just Yes Lord!!!

It seems so easy to say Yes to God, but when the going gets going we start saying, maybe, nah, nope. Not today.

This was me. Sometimes still is. But I made a choice to say YES. You see, many times we tend to get defeated when we’re not seeing results. We just up and give up because  we are not seeing anything. Though God promised us something, just because it’s not looking like it at the moment we say never mind. And yet we forget Abraham had to wait. Moses had to wait. Jacob had to wait. Everyone had to wait.

So why is it that we want God to rush in like a knight in shining armor? Whatever happened to, He’s never early or late but always on time.

Whatever happened to I surrender all to you God?  

Y’all know when we surrender we are basically saying, not at my time but Yours. Not my will but Yours. Less of me and more of you. The list is endless.

The Bible says, if you be willing and obedient then you shall enjoy the good of the land.(Isaiah 1:19)

Basically the revelation I received from that is simple. No matter what we are facing at the moment, we have to be willing and obedient. The God who started a good work in you will see it through and accomplish it. But we must not forget that we also need to be patient. We need to do our part and then WAIT! That’s the main thing. WAIT. As we wait though, we must continue to fight the good fight.

So here’s to surrendering every single thing to God. Blessed Wednesday🙏🏾


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